1 Ave de Narbonne 11220 St Laurent de la  Cabrerisse France

e: info@ecossedoc.eu w: www.ecossedoc.eu t: +33 (0)9 60 53 30 28


Founded in 2004.

Ecosse D’Oc is an arts centre with a gallerie, workshop, studio space and residency available for professional artists of all disciplines – fine art, photography, film, music, theatre, and dance. Space is free to use by invitation or submission.


To encourage the development of professional artists, to encourage communication between disciplines and between artists and their audience or clients, to contribute to the development of St Laurent de la Cabrerisse and environs as a cultural centre.


Ecosse D’Oc is an arts residency, studio, workshop, gallery, set in a village townhouse in the Aude region of Languedoc Rousillon between Carcassonne in the west and Narbonne in the east of south west France. It is being developed as a centre for all the arts to include theatre, music, film, etc. It is in an ideal location for professionals who want a base with resources to pursue their projects in peace.

Artists are invited, or selected from work submitted. Details are available from info@ecossedoc.eu

The gallery is available to hire for exhibitions, events and residency places. For more information on thim contact info@ecossedoc.eu