Design Studio

Architecture & Interior Design Studio/workshop

1 Ave de Narbonne 11220 St Laurent de la  Cabrerisse France

e: w: t: +33 (0)9 60 53 30 28

Studio Ecosse D'Oc.


We are a design studio in architecture,urbanism and interiors


Small to the Large

Single house to the major urban development.


No project is too small or too large.


We work in collaboration with others as each project is assesed, collaboration brings both collective creativity and the individuality of the collaborators.


We aim to create environments that are the fullfilment of the collaboration between client and the design studio. An understanding and assesment of "need" generates the project solution.


We believe that environmentl issues are paramount even within the smallest project, we will seek designs that have as little impact on the environment as possible.


If you have an idea for your home, a building, a plot of land, your village/town/city anything that needs imagining then come to us.

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